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We make a special effort to bring all the most reliable, cool and new rifles and shotguns to our California customers.

We always aim to help you choose a gun that you can feel enthusiastic about owning - a modern sporting rifle, hunting rifle or tactical weapon that you can rest assured you can rely on. We know you want to buy a firearm that will hit the center of your target and function reliably. These are the rifles and shotguns that also impress your friends or others at the shooting range! The AR15 and AK rifle and shotgun platforms are the modern sporting rifles and shotguns everyboy is looking for, including our many customers from California.

Our most frequently asked question from California gun buyers...

Q. I live in California and was looking to buy a California legal AR using a bullet button...

Its just hard to figure out what ones you have in stock and which ones can be made legal and which can not. Is DPMS CA legal? Can you give me a list of all the AR15 rifles that are California legal?

We sell California legal "off listed" ARs and AKs and also other firearms like the Saiga 12.

"Off listed" firearms are not banned in California because they are not included on the California Dept. of Justice banned firearms list. We make them California legal for residents of California with the addition of the bullet button. (Many thanks to the folks at Calguns for spreading the word. Calguns.net has also posted an official letter from the California DOJ firearms division confirming that such firearms can be made legal at customer request.)

What does a bullet button do?

The bullet button is not really a "button" at all. It is a cover with a hole in it, and it sits over the mag release. It is also referred to as a "mag lock." In order to get the mag to release, you need to stick a "tool" like a screwdriver or dowel into the hole in order to activate the mag release. You could also use the tip of a bullet for this purpose, so then you can call it a bullet button. Note: The bullet button does not change the way your mags work. To be more clear, it does NOT turn your rifle into a single shot by any means. It only affects how the mags eject from your gun.

How much does the bullet button cost installed?

  • We charge our dealer cost for bullet button and installation.
  • For almost all the rifles this price is $25, which is our dealer cost for bullet buttons for all AR15 and AK rifles; however...
  • Some bullet buttons may cost us more. For example, HK USC Carbine bullet buttons are about $40.

What about the hicap mags?

  • We are prohibited by law from shipping hicap mags over 10 rounds to California.
  • If your rifle package states that it has a mag over 10RD, then the mag will not be included.
  • There is no price adjustment made to your order in this case and you are not buying a hicap mag from us.
  • We will offer to sell the Calif. legal 10RD or 5RD mags to you at our dealer cost if you purchase them when you buy your firearm from us.

What about rifles with folding stocks?

  • We pin any folding stock so it is not folding. Therefore, your rifle meets California length requirements (must be 30 inches or longer). This is FREE.
  • We do not modify collapsible or 6-position stocks. These are already legal in California "as is," because when fully collapsed the rifle is not under 30 inches in length.

Can my firearm be returned to original condition?

  • Yes. Your firearm is actually always in its originally manufactured condition. We don't destroy anything. No "manufacturing" or "remanufacturing" is done at all. Therefore, if you leave California and want to return your fireamr to original condition, you will be able to do so.

Will my warranty still be valid?

  • Yes. Your warranty that comes with your firearm will be valid.

Customer Request for Bullet Button to make your AR, AK or other firearm California Legal

After purchasing your firearm, you need to request catalog item 1pszBB or another similar catalog number. This item is the customer request for installation of bullet button / mag lock on the firearm already purchased, after the customer has purchased the rifle or shotgun. This item pays for the bullet button and installation for buyers of rifles and shotguns that need a bullet button/mag lock to be California compliant.

The bullet button and installation are available only to our California buyers of firearms that require a bullet button to make their modern sporting rifle California legal. We choose the best bullet button for your particular firearm as required by California law after you have purchased your firearm at PersonalSecurityZone.com.

In the case of this alteration, the work is being performed at the request of the customer after the purchase has been made. The firearm has not been modified previous to its sale to the customer. There is no manufacturing involved in the installation of the bullet button / mag lock. This alteration is not performed as a regular course of business or trade, and it is performed only upon special request of the customer after the purchase of the firearm. This alteration is not performed for the purpose of sale or distribution of the firearm.

Which firearms can be made California legal upon customer request after purchase by adding the bullet button for California compliance?

As far as the rifles go, the Remington, S&W, LWRC, STAG, CMMG, Olympic Arms, Remington, Windham and more all make rifles that can be made legal in California. Also able to be made legal are some Rugers and Bushmaster ACR and Carbon 15 AR rifles are also legal-with-bullet-buttonl! Some Colts are now California legal with bullet button! Below are links to today's current stock for ARs by each of these manufacturers.

Please note that all the DPMS AR rifles are not California legal at all, because they are listed on the CA DOJ banned list by company name. DPMS had the unfortunate misfortune of being completely blacklisted when the DOJ list was drawn up. Firearm models and company names must be "not-named" on the list in order to be legal in California.

Find the firearms that we have marked as able to be legal in Calif. with customer request after purchase by adding bullet button and removal of any hicaps...

Bullet button on AR15 rifle

Bullet button on Saiga shotgun

Bullet button on AK rifle

California Legal AR15 & AR Type Rifles for some manufacturers are below. (Use the links above to scroll through all CALIF OK* rifles or shotguns for all manufacturers.)

Bushmaster ACR, Carbon 15 and E2S AR rifles can be made legal-with-bullet-button. Bushmaster is also manufacturing some that already have a bullet button installed

California Legal AK Rifles...

Arsenal Arms Saiga AR15s (Arsenal SLR rifles are banned "by name" but the SGL series can be made California legal. Arsenal Saiga Rifles are Calif. OK).

All AK Rifles & Shotguns...

Find all AKs in stock (some are not Calif. legal, such as Arsenal SLR rifles, but this link shows you all AKs in stock today. Just contact us if you're unsure what's Calif. OK.)
All AK rifles in stock by all manufacturers.....

California Legal Saiga 12 Shotguns...

We try our best to keep some RAA or Arsenal Saiga 12 and other caliber Saiga shotguns in stock.

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