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3M/Peltor ear muffs safety glasses ear plugs for sale

Peltor Tactical 6S Electronic Ear Muffs Behind The Head 19dB
Catalog Number PEL97043
Peltor Tactical 6S Electronic Ear Muffs Behind The Head 19dB
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Product Description

Peltor ear muffs. Tactical 6S Behind the Head NRR 19dB -
  • Folding design provides for easy storage - behind the head neck band for easy wearing of those shooters and users wearing hats
  • Electronics limit amplified sounds to 82 dBA while active volume provides distortion free amplification of low level sounds up to 19 dBA
  • Stereo microphones provide enhanced sound detection
  • Independent volume controls on each cup
The Tactical 6S Hearing Protector provides stereo with independent volume controls, amplifies to 82dB, immediate suppression of impulse noise and folds for storage. Convenient behind the head band for those users wearing caps and hats. Peltor Tactical 6S Hearing Protectors block out harmful noise while amplifying low-level sounds. You get the best of both words. AOSafety Peltor Tactical Hearing Protectors protect your ears from dangerous impulse noise like gunfire while also giving you distortion-free amplification of low level sounds like range commands and conversation. Wearers hear low level sounds up to three times louder than when wearing conventional protectors, but when dangerous noises occur the electronic "valve" closes to reduce the noise to a maximum of 82dBA. More: Distortion-free amplification of low level sounds up to 19dB; NRR 19dB electronics limit amplified sounds to 82dB; Stereo microphones enhance sound localization; Independent volume controls on each cup; Folding, low profile design for easy storage. The hearing protection choice of law enforcement, the military and shooters all over the world can be your choice too! Order today! AOSafety Peltor Tactical 6S Hearing Protectors About Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR)

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is the measurement, in decibels, of how well a hearing protector reduces noise as specified by the Environmental Protection Agency. The higher the NRR number the greater the noise reduction. NRR30 is about as high as any ear muffs will go. Note: You can use two types of hearing protection to boost your NRR! The combined NRR provides approximately 5 - 10 decibels more than the higher rated of the two devices. For example, using disposable ear plugs that are NRR29 with ear muffs that are NRR 27 would provide a Noise Reduction Rating of approximately 39 decibels.

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About 3M/Peltor

Peltor safety products successful brand is part of the 3M global family. Industry leading 3M Peltor High Noise Communication Solutions combine state-of-the-art electronics and hearing protection advancements. Solutions include both earmuff headset models and in-ear communication devices.

The advanced engineering and technology inherent in Aearo, Peltor, E-A-R, and SafeWaze fit with the high standards of innovation and quality that you, our customers, come to expect from 3M.

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ear muffs safety glasses ear plugs for sale
ear muffs safety glasses ear plugs for sale

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